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Above and Beyond.

I dont think I say enough about the good things about Jeff. So let me start a bit.
He keeps his house super clean, and always goes the extra step. When I first started going there I mentioned I liked milk and orange peako tea. The next time I was there hed bought some for me. I also mentioned once that I needed my tweezers from home, so the next day there was a new pair there.

Monday through Wednesday I work on my accounting homework. Ive been doing this at Jeffs because at my home my cousin was set up on my kitchen table, at my parents house they watch TV and try to talk to me all the time. At his house I can set up anywhere I want and get work done. If I start on homework after school hell make supper and bring me a plate. If Im working late hell bring me a tea made just the way I like. He always goes the extra step.

Yesterday I got to his house and he was cleaning. So I cleaned the bathroom I always use and asked where else I could help. He sent me to work on my homework. When I was done 2 hours later I went looking for him. Found him cleaning out my car. He vacuumed out all the pet hair (from when I took his dog for a drive) and cleaned out the bottles/garbage. Hes a sweet guy who goes out of his way to be good to me.

9:30 a.m. - 2010-03-24


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