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Bad dreams and good mornings.

Fucked up dreams.

Last night... was one of those vivid bad dreams that you wake up in a sweat from.

I dreamed that I was at home with Jeff and someone broke in. It was a bit messed up... but some lady was trying to kill her adult kids... and two of them were hiding in Jeff's house. When I went downstairs they hit me in the head... and I actually blacked out in a dream. How weird is that. Usually I can control my dreams, I have very lucid dreams, but last night I was along for the ride. In my dream I remember managing to call 911, in my dream I remember the "bad guys" fleeing the house and Jeff being mad. We get in his truck and head downtown (to the hospital or something). When we get there Jeff leaves the keys in his truck and walks away. I ask him why he did that and he wont tell me. So when we head back to his vehical its gone, and were stuck downtown. Then some x of Jeffs runs up and tries to kiss him. I get mad and he tells me to piss off. he heads off with this girl and I'm stuck downtown. I have money in my pocket but cant seem to flag down a cab. I'm wandering through the weirdest mix of "city's" in my city's downtown. It's like amazing race's experiences with city's, crazy Asian markets, just strange overall. Some guy offers me a pie but when I reach for it he slices my arm open. So I'm crying and wandering around trying to catch a cab when I wake up.

I woke up heart racing, drenched and completely upset. Maybe scary movies before bed isn't a good idea, lol. Damn susceptible mind.

Now hours later, I have the worst headache ever.

The upside of this morning though was waking up to know it was just a dream, and next to a man who goes above and beyond all the time. I got to work, said hi to a colleague who was vacationing in Mexico with her family, and Jeff came by with tea and a breakfast burrito from Timmies.
Headache or not this is a good morning indeed.

8:37 a.m. - 2010-10-18


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