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The joys of the wedding photographer.

Generally I can mix my full time job and my photography business very well.
This last weekend… I let the two merge for a second. My arch nemesis at work who makes my work life a pain, I let him hire me to shoot his wedding. Let me break this down.

First, at work, each month I need certain tasks done before I can close up a month financially. This means that 80% of the most important stuff I do has to happen quickly between the 1st of the month and the 20th. It may seem like a lot of time, but usually it’s cut a bit short by directors wanting to meet earlier in the month, and the 20th is when I need to have important documents off to the bank by. Again not so bad? Well the documents must be signed by two signing authorities, who only come in on Wednesdays. So now potentially the 20th cold be on a Tuesday making it now the 14th for me to have everything done. And give or take a few things I’m lucky if my fellow coworkers have everything to me by the 10-13, so yes generally in any given month I have a day to do the majority of my monthly tasks. Nice huh. And the reason I have a day… is because of one person who never has his stuff done any earlier, despite my emails and my asking nicely every month for the last.. oh…. 6 months while he’s had his job?

OK, Now Second, I actually don’t have a problem with him as a person, and last year I was asked by another photographer to shoot a wedding for them because they had double booked. I showed up, I met the family and low and behold the grooms sister is dating the guy I work with. Nice small world huh. So when it came time for him to marry his bride to be knew me, liked my work and wanted me to shoot their wedding as well. I figure no problem, deal with her, get everything details in writing well ahead of the wedding, FROM HER, confirm on the days before the wedding and go team go.

So the big old day rolls around, I get up early, try to get out of the house early, stop at Mc’ds to pick up a nice breakfast wrap and as I’m waiting in line I glance down. My clean sweater apparently is not clean. So with little time to spare I run back home, do the mad house dash looking for something I can wear, (so much for planning the night before), My loving boyfriend is kind enough to help me destroy laundry piles in hunt of the elusive sweater that’s not to fuzzy looking, semi professional and matches with the brown shirt black pants I’m wearing. Jackpot a gray sweater, run upstairs swap the brown shirt for a black shirt and I’m out the door with 0 time to spare.

I get on the highway speeding to reach the 30 minutes away town where the bride is getting ready, and low and behold… road construction, the line isn’t moving. Ok back up plan, pull a U turn on the highway, head back the way I came take the long way that involves back roads and going through another town. Get to the brides house, 10 minutes late and she’s not there yet anyways. PHEW.

Start taking pictures of all the little details and everything goes smoothly. Bride gets there, she’s a nice girl world is good. I leave 20 minutes early so that I can get to the Church with lots of time to spare. I head to the address given to me.. 10209 123 ave. OK I know there is a cemetery there, I head that way, get there…. NO CHURCH. I panic. I call the bride, no answer, the groom, no answer. I call my day time job boss who is a guest to the wedding. He just gave his wife shit to turn off her phone and before he turns off his I get a call through to him. WHERE IS THE CHURCH… oh … 10209 123ST yes STREET not ave… so I’m not close to the church at all. I drive quickly through traffic in the hub of a nice big city and get to the church 2 minutes AFTER the bride. My day work boss holds a “parking” spot for me as everywhere is full and I’m thinking… with my luck my car’s getting towed today for being to close to a corner.

Ceremony goes great, followed by formal photos, oh yah I’m a pro, and then with time to spare I leave them behind to “vedge” for a few minutes while I rush off to the hall. No name for the hall just the address in a town 40 minutes away from the formal photo location. I get to where I think I should be, no address on the building only the name of the hall. I manage to get the attention of a caterer and yes this is the right place to be. PHEW. I park and head in… I see the seating arrangement chart and look for my name… nope not under the B’s for my last name. Nope not under M for my first name… maybe under photographer? Nope… Crap. Hunt down the mom of the groom… OH they forgot about me… sigh… so I end up at a spot with the bartenders (who are older couples friends of the grooms family) in the back corner.. no problem. After all the stress, and me not shooting as many weddings as I use to… my feet are killing me, my legs are jello, 12 hours on your feet caring a camera when your day time job is a desk job is hard on the body.

Well that was my Saturday… arch nemeses wins again… boo. At least I got paid… lol.

10:18 a.m. - 2010-10-25


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