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Mass update.

OK ... where do I start.
Endless fun at work, (dude backed into the building we rent) that will be fun to deal with.
Outside of work. My nephiew turned 6. They talk about how time flies... but watching children grow up... wow. I held him in my arms at 4 hours old and now he's 6 and his sister just turned 4. Wow just wow.

Other fun.... feeling pudgy... So I've been doing bootcamp... UH SHOOT ME... I get up at 5am... Drive to the place for 6am.... learn great things like one I like to call the happy summo wrestler, ok.. and squat... and bounce bounce bounce... ok.. now down do "mountain climbers".... who knew I was so weak and lame haha.

Last thursday was my first time, I didnt stop hurting till ... well I was still sore this morning, at least today seemed less brutal. Wonder if they do brutal thursdays and only 3/4 brutal tuesdays. I'd bought a dealfind deal for this... so when my 8 classes are up I'm not sure I'll continue... I have a coupon for hot yoga next. Yay for trying new things... boo for sweating while doing it. :)

9:24 a.m. - 2011-02-08


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