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I have been watching black and white movies from years gone by. The stories are the same only details change. I watched one where the working men all had affairs on their wives. It was a 1950s movie and depicts that time in this world. I laughed at the technology but the storyline. The people. Could all have been a story today. I am not saying men cheat or anything that perticular simply that I some how thought that divorce was only really our parents generation down. But look at the Tudors, Henery the eigth king of england. He's not that far of today's world. People are people and for the 200,000 years that man has existed on this planet I'm sure every story has been told a million times. After all. Man meets woman. Man meets man. Even the romen times were full of same sex relationships. What other then technology does our generation bring to the world Someday I will have a child with Jeff and that child will think they are living a whole new life that his/her parents won't understand...but at the end of the day there is great chance either Jeff or I will have already lived those adventurers and made the same mistakes. Perhaps that realization leaves me jaded that I'm not special, but it's also made me realize that we will make great understanding parents.

1:25 p.m. - 2011-03-06


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