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Life: 3 Years at a time.

Three years is coming to an end. Seems my work life always exists on a three year cycle.
I was with the Grande Prairie Co-op for 3 years, I was with West Edmonton Mall for three years and now I’ve been with Focus for three years.

On June 1st the company got bought out by another company. With two days notice we were given letters telling us that we would be transitioning over the next 60 days to employment with the new company. The new company who’s head office is in Winnipeg and it was made clear that the accounting department is there as well.

When I pressed if there was a position for me at the New companys office it was left vague. To quote the CMA controller at the new company… the first meeting with him was like a first date and over the next two months they’d see if they wanted to marry me. Seriously fucking stupid way to put it. Anyways… being me I started job shopping.

First interview was with a recruitment company, the next Friday I met with 3 more placement/recruitment agencies. I’d send in my resume and everyone would call the next day to set up an interview. So the first company sets up a interview with a big company here in Edmonton. –My first real interview at this point- and it went great. Was “cross examined” by a panel of three. The next day I had a job offer, they didn’t even blink at the salary I want, they offer 3% RRSP matching, they offer up to a 10% bonus each year, fully paid healthcare/benefits and they didn’t even question my wanting 3 weeks of holidays. I took the job, and it’s nice to be in demand. Had a conversation with the controller of the company that bought Focus and was told if I gave two weeks notice and worked the full two weeks they would terminate me instead of me quitting. This means I get my severance from Focus and get to have a seamless transition to the new job. It’s a decent thing to do since it was clear there is no place for me in this new company, not here in this province.

The downside as there must always be. It’s the opposite end of the city. No more car-pooling with my man Jeff, no more lunches together. And I’ll be working a half hour longer each day then I use to. (Booo)

It’s going to be an interesting July, leaving the old job (which I’m ready to do any day now) and starting a new Job.

Did I mention the first two weekends of July are filled with shooting weddings? Lol. I do like to keep shit interesting apparently.

Who knows, maybe Jeff’s house will finally get fixed and it will sell quickly. Then we can look into selling my house and finding a new one. Though he wants to live in St. Albert and that will be even further from my new job.

Big changes are coming, on to the next three years of my life.

2:03 p.m. - 2011-06-28


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