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March of time.

It's been a long time.
I miss blogging

I miss random babble and I miss the anniomnimity of diaryland

Yes I knew a few of my friends who followed in the past but there were the random wander throughs. The people who didn't know my face or name or who I was. They reached out sometimes with words of encouragement or shared their life a bit.

I liked thinking I could be truly me here. I could babble or rage. I could laugh or be entertaining or I could simply write things to a future me...things I didn't want forgotten.

Maybe I'll find a home again for these things but for now I still wander back here time to time to share things

That young 20 year old full of dream and hopes and opinions is still in me...and she's going to be a mom again. A feel that it's a boy but don't know for sure yet. We have a home birth in the works being planned and I'm a doula now. I help other family's grow. It's not the best paying job and I'm not gonna get rich off it. But maybe I can touch people's lives and help them in ways I never expected too.

Onward marches times. Things are always changing but inside I'm still the same.

7:28 p.m. - 2015-01-11


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