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I have one roommate… who’s lived in my house since May of last year. I had a summer roommate who comes just for the summer and then leaves… and then for two months I let a cousin stay in my house.

For the last two months I’ve also been staying at my boyfriends night after night. Pretty much living there. Going home once a week to water the plants and check in on my hedgehog.

Well it’s been a mess…. Dishes… mud on entry way rug…. And mess mess mess. The roommate blames the cousin the cousin blames the roommate and I’m never there so what would I know? The cousin just moved out as he was just staying there till he got a job and apparently he left a mess behind him. The roommate says it’s all the cousins. And truthfully I’ve told them multiple times to deal with each other. That I didn’t care who did it… it’s not me… they are both there they can talk to each other and take care of shit. Apparently not.

I’m frustrated. I’m not going to play the maid and I’m not going to clean up other peoples mess. The deals going to be the cousin has to go back and clean up… the roommate claims he’s done everything that’s his. I don’t believe either one of them but I’m not someone maid. The long and short… shit better be clean or I’m going to rant.
Hell I should charge the cousin and roommate for a maid to come in and clean up since they weren’t man enough to discuss it and deal with it on their own.

Also… thinking of evicting the roommate anyways. Summer roommate will be back soon and maybe I can find another female roommate who’s clean. Fingers crossed.

4:00 p.m. - 2010-03-31


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