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I want to write but know that I just donít have the skills with words today, so instead Iíll write briefly and maybe come back another day.

Went to Shambhala this year. First time ever.

It was surreal, insane, odd, a new adventure, overwhelming, a disappointment and overall amazing time. My emotions were all over the place there. Could have been the pot I did for the first time in two years, or it could simply be that the whole thing is insane amounts of stimulus.

Picture 11,000 plus 2,000 volunteers camped out in a valley. Takes hours to get into camp and hours to get out. By far the shittiest part of the experience.
You camp, there are tasty food vendors with decent prices. There are 7 stages of music going at all times. About 22hours a day for about 4 days. Every type of techno from dubstep to trance. Each stage is a different world.

The Rockpit, a big pit like youíd expect all funked out and punk feeling.
The Beach/Living room, a rock beach with a small river running through. My second most danced at place.
The Pagoda, large loud and center stage in some ways. I danced here a few times, even made it up on stage. If you throw your hands up with glowing poi balls in them, the crowd will raise their hands too. The power of glow I tell yah.
Fractal Forest, night clubish in music, tons of fun to dance at.
The Village, large loud dubstep pounding into the night, my boys up on stage for one of the spinners.
The labyrinth, a maze of lights, art and good music
And Hidden in the labyrinth a dome stage that pumps out trance techno.

Now if 7 stages doesnít get your attention, picture theyíre spread out in a forest in a valley of the BC mountains. Little pathways between the stages with lights ever shifting, with music rising and falling based on how close you are to each stage, thousands of people all around you in costumes. Some funky, some hippy, some glowing and some just naked.

Still sound like a normal night for you? I got to be part of the circus. My 6 friends were the Samurai, a 7th was also of Japanese design, a 8th was female and along the same lines, and I had my glowing necklace running off of a battery pack and poi to spin to the beat.
Boys 2010
Boys 2009
I was a good girl. Boyfriend at home, I spent time with my male friends who had girlfriends/wives and with two young girls that are friends of my friend who came. My xís girlfriend commented on me being the most behaved female in history at a festival. Lol Guess thatís how I roll. I think the only experiences I missed out on was trying drugs. And I donít really consider that a bad thing. This festival is suppose to be 100% alcohol free. Drugs are aloud and tested. I stuck to the snuck in beer/white rum and pot. Just isnít my scene to get messed up in the forest. Hmmm maybe next year, or Iíll just go experience Burning man next year instead.

Even when I was 100% sober I still felt like Alice in Wonderland. Everywhere I looked was curiouser and curiouser.

There is an Alter in the labyrinth, I placed a glowing strobing butterfly there and thanked the mother for my blessings in life. The funny thing was walking up to it I was going to make a wish, but in that time and space, all that came out of me was a thank you.

My one stoned thought thatís really stuck with me thoughÖ I was sitting on the beach my foot in the river with the water flowing all around it. I thought about how the mother was holding my foot at that moment, as the water flowed around me cupping my foot. And then I realized that the mother is always holding us. She wraps us in the air around us, we are part of everything no matter how hard we fight to separate ourselves from nature. And now when I stand outside I donít feel the windÖ. I feel the mother wrapping herself around me.

3:19 p.m. - 2010-08-18


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