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Thinks Dr.s are just in it for the money. I get that they get paid every time in your office, but does that really mean you need to bring me back a million times. Let see:
1 visit due to rash you bairly look at it, you tell me its nothing
months later 2nd Visit for rash, you listen to my concerns and tell me its proabably ingrown hair it will go away
1.5 years from my first visit I bring it up again you now have some student shadow dr. look at it who comments and still you do nothing
4th visit it's itchy and painful, you look and in a "gah" voice say it looks infected and bacterial. You prescribe Antibiotics.
5th visit 7 days after the 4th one: I now have new issues caused by the antibiotic, a whole new rash and the joy that most women experience when all the bacteria in their body is killed. You now tell me to stop taking the antibiotics to clear up the two issues that they caused, but tell me well hopefully you were on them long enough to deal with the rash.
Its STILL there. SIGH.
In the last 2-3 years I've had two issues, they have not gone away, they have gotten worse and you just ignore it and tell me to come back next week.
What a joke.

3:32 p.m. - 2010-09-27


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