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OK Much amazing has been happening and I just havenít had the time to put it all down. Besides the bitching about the dr, and health stuff my world has been great.

Weíve gotten better at talking, even though I still get defensive sometimes. But things are mighty bright in deed. I know I tend to use this place as a ranting soap box, but that doesnít mean everything in my world is bad. Actually the opposite, yes we argue and Iím stubborn and a cow sometimes but weíre going somewhere. And there is progress, unlike my past relationships this one evolves and actually has room to grow. You know me Iím always slow to get my hopes upÖ but they are going up. Current issue facing us is two homes. Easy solution would be to sell one, but one is damaged from the blast in the summer. Still no work done on it to repair it. Winters coming and it has no front window, unless you count the old one sitting on the lawn lol. So we are working on a solution trying to find ways to make it less heavy on the pocket books.

On the UBER bright side, weíve booked Mexico. I know Iíve always been anti Mexico, but I do want to see the ruins. Iím an ancient cultures junkie. I love the idea of a different style of life. Of drastically different cultures and times. So it gives me more of a destination then just warm weather and beaches. Mind you I do so love the warmth. I think in a past life I was a lizard, bring on the heat. So Iím counting down till Nov, until he and I can wander the beaches and soak up the sun and sand.

1:47 p.m. - 2010-09-28


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